Shana Bombrys

EMDR Therapist

“Unfreezing Trauma by Mary Held is an amazing and powerful journey of a brave woman who experienced complex trauma. It has the unique perspectives of the Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist and the person’s experiences in the same narrative. Unfreezing Trauma lends a dual perspective that would be a great tool for EMDR clinicians.”

Julie Dillon

Spirituality and Wellness Coach

“In Unfreezing Trauma, we are invited into Mary J. Held’s past. We are welcome guests, travelling with her into a once private journey of trauma, fear, learning, remembering, forgiving, and loving. Her courageous journey and strong desire to help others have given us a tool and a path to heal. Thank you.”

Rachel Diem

Trauma Survivor

“Mary J. Held’s book, Unfreezing Trauma, is a powerful re-living both of her trauma and her healing. At times almost unbearably painful to read, it is nonetheless profoundly hopeful. Mary’s courage and integrity in sharing her experience with EMDR Therapy welcome us back to living our lives fully.”

Amazon Customer

I could not put this book down!

I do not have seizures, only some reoccurring awful memories. This was educational, brutally honest, & tragically magnetic. I bought 2. One to share with a support group & one to share with others. This story is relatable & helpful. Maybe you have PTSD or other seemingly simple traumatic memories you would like to set free & get over, this is a very good starter & finisher!

Amazon Customer

Mary is a hero

Marys heroic and her story of determination is inspiring to anyone going through trauma recovery.


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