Mary shares in Unfreezing Trauma: My Private Journal of EMDR Recovery her very personal experiences working to recover from multiple traumatic events.

She made breakthrough progress using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a powerful psychotherapy based on bilateral stimulation of the brain.

EMDR challenged Mary to go deep into some very dark places in a difficult journey and she shares her journal with commentary — a story that is sometimes joyous, often thrilling, and definitely inspiring.

Available in paperback and ebook.

In 16 EMDR sessions, Mary J. Held went from hiding out in her home, controlled by trauma, to a more active life full of joy. 

People suffering from PTSD or other traumatic damage will find in her story a compelling case for EMDR therapy and a source of hope. 

Mary shares the entry from her therapy journal for each session, followed by an account of how she felt, what she did, and what she experienced following the session.  

Therapist comments on each session lend a different perspective.

Mary describes her life before EMDR
Mary talking about the effects of EMDR therapy
Reactions to Unfreezing Trauma

“Mary’s courageous journey . . . has given us a tool and path to heal.”

Julie Dillon
Spirituality and Wellness Coach

“Amazing and powerful . . . a great tool for EMDR clinicians.”

Shana Bombrys
EMDR Therapist

“Profoundly hopeful . . . welcomes us back to living our lives fully.”

Rachel Diem
Trauma Survivor

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